GSoC: First month working in Pitivi


Pitivi is a video editor, free and open source. Targeted at newcomers and professional users, it is minimalist and powerful. This summer I am fortunate to collaborate in Pitivi development through Google Summer of Code.

My goal is to implement an interval time system, with the support of Mathieu Duponchell, my menthor, and other members of the Pitivi community.

An interval time system is a common tool in many video editors. It will introduce new features in Pitivi. The user will be able to set up a range of time in the timeline editor, playback specific parts of the timeline, export the selected parts of the timeline, cut or copy clips inside the interval and zoom in/out the interval.

Mi proposal also includes the design of a marker system to store information at a certain time position.


Interestingly, we started working on the markers system. It was decided that it would be useful later in the interval implementation. To implement markers we have been working on GES, creating two new classes, GESMarkerContainer and GESMarker.

After define the API I started implementing it. At this stage it was incredible helpful to me the dedication of Mathieu orienting me along the process. GES could be “quite” complicate for newcomers like me but it also makes things more interesting! Thanks to my menthor I could focus, divide task into smaller and factible chunks, both in GES and Pitivi code.


My work until now can be summarized in these steps: implement something needed in the API, go to Pitivi and work there until I need something else from the API, then go back to the API…

After some redesings now we have a new row in the timeline, which allows us to insert markers, move and delete them, and edit their content, which for the moments is just a string. Of course they can be saved and recovered. UI is still provisional.


I am really enjoying the experience, my first time in open source. The code is huge, involves differents technologies and I have to work on different levels. But it feels challenging and the community is really supportive.

Written on July 13, 2019